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The colocation market is growing. As more and more businesses move towards the cloud, hyperscale data centre providers are becoming increasingly dominant. As multi-tenant data centre firms now have to compete in an ever-more competitive market, it’s essential that they find a further way of differentiating themselves.

In the past, the way that colo providers would do this is through space and power. That’s no longer possible. Now, the key is connectivity. By giving enterprise customers the ability to directly connect to major business partners – whether that’s cloud service providers, other enterprises, carriers or content providers – this direct connectivity offers secure and fast connection.

Business decision makers know this and are choosing IT strategies based on this. Major data centre providers like Equinix and Digital Realty are making major investments in direct connectivity, and are connecting with a variety of services, such as Salesforce. This whitepaper explores the approach that colo providers should take, and why they should act now in order to differentiate themselves from the competition.