Deep learning is everywhere, but while being one of the most significant AI innovations in recent history, it is perhaps one of the least understood

What’s certain is that deep learning is set to revolutionise innumerable industries in the coming years, on top of all the groundbreaking disruption already witnessed. The Stack has been covering deep learning use cases for years, and never a day goes by without another application being proposed that turns our heads.

It’s an innovative and growing tool with applications in healthcare, finance, and retail – but what exactly is it? This jargon-free, math-free deep learning guidebook from Dataiku tells you everything you need to know, sheds light on common questions, and clarifies the misnomers.

In a nutshell, deep learning performs better than classical machine learning in speech, natural language, vision, and playing games. It creates transferable solutions, scales better, and requires much less human hand holding.

Download the free guidebook here.