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  • PC LED

    Hard drive LED can leak air-gapped data

  • ukraine-electrical-grid

    Squirrels outrank hackers as threat to U.S. electrical grid

  • ericsson-5g-sweden

    Ericsson demonstrates end-to-end 5G network in Sweden

  • translation

    Humans engage AI in translation competition

  • Robot public sector

    Robots could replace 250,000 UK public sector jobs by 2030

  • road-in-winter-and-summer

    Using Google Street View data to guide autonomous vehicles in bad weather

  • vpn-alerts

    China cracks down on international VPN usage

  • big-data-analytics

    2017: Advanced analytics enter the real world

  • ibm-china

    Bank partners with IBM to launch first blockchain service in China

  • biometric

    On-body transmission and its biometric implications