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  • ibm-china

    Bank partners with IBM to launch first blockchain service in China

  • Big Data health

    How Big Data can help make better life-critical decisions

  • british-rain

    How the Met Office is solving the British weather with High Performance Computing

  • uk-gov

    UK government proposes financial sanctions for cyber security breaches

  • fractal-edge

    Researchers propose using software-defined networking to unify cloud and edge

  • big-data

    New coreset technique makes big data manageable

  • ibm-elder-robot

    IBM creates Watson-powered robot for eldercare assistance

  • ThyssenKrupp

    Trade secrets stolen from ThyssenKrupp in major hack

  • datacenters999

    Improved algorithm produces more efficient traffic management for cloud data

  • apple-icloud-call-logs

    Apple stores iPhone call logs in iCloud despite your settings, security researchers claim