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Accurate power monitoring is an essential for any data centre operator. It’s crucially important that you get it right, in order to be able to track and improve your processes, yet most data centres have an overly complicated and inaccurate system of power monitoring.

Alex Metcalfe, Socomec’s UK sales manager for Energy Efficiency products, will be explaining how this is changing in next month’s exclusive webinar. There are five key requirements for power in any data centre – availability, efficiency, sustainability, flexibility and tailored billing. These five points are the cornerstone of a good system of power monitoring for a data centre operator.

Many data centre operators, however, find themselves struggling to properly manage and accurately measure their power consumption. At the moment it requires at least three or four systems to measure power at its various points in the data centre.

Measuring power from the transformer level all the way through to the rack can be complex, and often presents integration problems due to the numerous different monitoring systems, typically provided by different manufacturers.

Socomec is changing that with its DIRIS Digiware modular power monitoring system.

The system monitors power right the way through the data centre, meaning that rather than having three or four different systems to install, maintain and learn, data centre technicians only require one system.

The DIRIS Digiware system is comprised of three different technologies – PreciSense: which ensures accuracy, the virtual monitor: which shows the status of breakers without additional hardware and Autocorrect: which eliminates errors.

Accurate power monitoring and metering is very evidently an important element of operating a data centre. This can be most easily illustrated by looking at some of the numbers. If we assume a rack’s power consumption is 10 kW, this means a consumption level of 90 000 kWh per year. Assessments of current monitoring systems have highlighted an inaccuracy of up to 440 kWh per year per rack.

For a data centre with 10,000 racks that equates to 4,400,000 kWh which is approximately $700,000 (or £515,000) per year. Clearly, there’s a lot at stake.

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