Program Overview: 

Become part of the biggest change in the Network Infrastructure Industry in many years…

The CNCI® is shaping the future of the Industry

The Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI®) program and certification is helping to shape the future of the network cabling infrastructure industry by introducing professional and industry recognised certification to cable installers.

The CNCI® is designed for those wishing to demonstrate the highest levels of knowledge, skills and expertise in network cabling infrastructures. With a team of professionally trained and CNCI® certified individuals the risks are significantly reduced and organisations can feel confident that their staff are competent to meet today’s industry demands. When you consider the huge risks associated with not employing professionally qualified people staff, coupled with the impressive Return on Investment (ROI) from utilising trained staff, the answer is to have trained and qualified employees you can rely on to deliver consistent results. The CNCI® offers the perfect solution for network cabling organisations to help ensure they continue to deliver quality of service and confidence to the market place, in addition to helping secure an organisation’s professional reputation.

The CNCI® program is comprehensive and blends a perfect mix of theoretical study and practical installation, testing and survey exercises providing the right level of knowledge and skills for both copper and fibre cable installation practices. Official CNCI® certification proves that an individual is qualified to undertake cable installation projects to the highest possible calibre whilst working to the current industry standards and following the very latest codes of best practice.

In addition the CNCI® has achieved vendor acceptance and incorporates the Fluke Versiv™ CCTT program, providing full certification, and the Excel System In installation program, eliminating the need for individuals to attend the 2 day Excel program and just take the Excel Online training element.

This program is a must for individuals currently working within, or wishing to enter, the cable installation and infrastructure environments. Project managers, IT personnel, Installation Technicians, Network Engineers, Data Centre Technicians and electrical engineers would all benefit from attending the CNCI® program.

CNCI® Topics at a Glance

CNCI® Copper Cabling

  • Introduction to Strutured Cabling
  • LAN Hardware
  • Installing Structured Cabling
  • Network Overview
  • Signal Theory
  • Health & Safety
  • Standards
  • Fire Stopping
  • Documentation & Labelling
  • Ethernet in the LAN
  • Practical
  • Fluke CCTT (Copper)

CNCI® Fibre Optic Cabling

  • Introduction to Fibre
  • Safely Working with Fibre/General safety
  • Network Overview
  • Hardware
  • Theory of Light Transmission
  • Cable
  • Enclosures
  • Standards
  • Outside Plant (OSP)
  • Documentation & Labelling
  • Testing
  • Fire Stopping
  • Cable Termination/Practical
  • Fluke CCTT (Fibre)
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