Program Overview:


Learn industry best practice principles for achieving effective operational management of the complex technical environments of a Data Centre facility. Learn how to ensure that the business strategy is delivered through effective IT service management, maximising the operational capability of the Data Centre.


The Certified Data Centre Management Professional (CDCMP®) program is a comprehensive program that explores and addresses the management of the complex but complementary elements of a Data Centre facility.


Starting with a solid grounding in the basic design principles, the program progresses to provide an in-depth overview of the physical infrastructure elements through to project management principles for the delivery of Data Centre projects. Managing efficiently the sometimes conflicting operational and maintenance demands in order to continuously deliver the business or organisation’s needs is also explored. Regulatory compliance, Data Centre strategies, audit demands and industry codes of practice are thoroughly examined. Real-life case studies are used to demonstrate putting theory into practice.
The CDCMP® is continually updated to reflect the current and key industry developments. It reflects the latest version of the “EU Code of Conduct on Data Centre Energy Efficiency”, and other current Best Practices and accreditations. Direction and guidance from industry-recognised British, European, US and International standards are also incorporated.


The CDCMP® program is classroom-based and led by one of CNet Training’s expert instructors.


The CDCMP® program is an essential tool for Data Centre Managers, Operations Managers, Facilities Managers and IT & Network Managers. Senior engineering personnel responsible for the strategic delivery of the business, operational and maintenance solutions will also find this program highly beneficial.


Core Unit: Lays the foundations of Data Centre Management

  • What is a Data Centre?
  • Understanding Basic Design Principles
  • Physical Infrastructure
  • Implementing Data Centre Projects
  • Managing the Data Centre

Professional Unit: Builds-in detail and techniques upon the Core Unit’s foundations

  • Purpose
  • Management of Processes
  • Management of People
  • Managing Plant
  • Infrastructure Energy Efficiency
  • Management of Services
  • Business Strategy
  • IT Strategy
  • Data Centre Supporting Strategies
  • Legislation and Regulations
  • Codes of Practice
  • Standards & Accreditations
  • The Audit Process
  • Physical Audit
  • Performance Audits
  • Environmental Audits
  • Asset Management
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