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What data centre transformation means for power and cooling


Schneider Electric Earns Nutanix Ready Core Certification of APC Power Protection Software for Hyperconverged Solutions

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Data Centre Monitoring Is Essential When Calculating the Accuracy of PUE

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Why every Electrical Contractor should recognise that UPS is a huge business opportunity


Totally Integrated Power


The performance of your power supply is crucial to your operations. We help you meet this challenge head-on.

Power Distribution as a System in the high-density data centre

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New 3-Phase UPS Solution, with ECOnversion technology and Li-ion batteries launched

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The Galaxy VX UPS Power Protection solution for large to Hyperscale Data Centres contains an ultra-efficient ECOnversion energy saving system and is powered by innovative Lithium-Ion batteries; meaning customers need no longer trade-off between efficiency and reliability.

Diesel Generator UPS Schematic - scaled

Factors to consider when running generators with UPS systems

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In this article, Alan Luscombe, Director at Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd., a Kohler company, discusses the factors to be considered when adding a generator to a UPS system. These range from designing in electrical compatibility to addressing environmental and physical constraints.

Static switch - scaled

Supplying continuous power under all conditions; the role of the static switch

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To provide protection from various threat calls, amongst other things, static switches respond quickly to the different demands they are subjected to. In this article, Alan Luscombe, Director at Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd., a Kohler company, explores the role of static switches and their contribution to UPS protection.

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Protecting your UPS from afar: remote monitoring and maintenance services

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While UPS installations exist to protect their critical load from power problems, they equally must be protected from factors that could harm them – even if this is difficult to achieve due to a lack of trained staff or resources. In this article, Alan Luscombe, Director at Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd., a Kohler company, shows how an effective protection strategy, comprising both remote system monitoring and on-site maintenance, and tailored to the needs of a particular installation, can be arranged with a suitable UPS supplier.

UPS Article 1 - Maximisiung UPS availability scaled

Maximising UPS system availability

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In this article Alan Luscombe, Director at Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd., a Kohler company, looks at the key factors for this critical UPS characteristic – parallel redundancy, decentralised parallel architecture (DPA), and hot swap capability.

Battery Technology for Data Centers: VRLA vs. Li-ion

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PowerPro ELXA_hronline

Emergency Lighting – ‘The Right Tool for the Job’

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Alan Luscombe, a director at Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd., a Kohler company, explains how system variants impact performance and protection and what to look for from a supplier.

winter city (smaller)online

Ready for Winter?

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Now would be a good time to plan a UPS maintenance visit if you haven’t already done so. The moment when the mains power fails isn’t the best time to discover your UPS battery capacity isn’t what you thought it was.


Data centre virtualisation

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Mike Elms, technical manager at Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd., describes how modern, modular  UPS topology can assist data centre managers and owners in meeting these challenges


Schneider Electric Introduces Uninterruptible Power Supply for Harsh Industrial Environments

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The history of data centres


From IBM 7090 mainframes to the SuperNAP, the history of data centres


A review of data-centre Tier Classifications

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An in-depth review of tier classifications supported by facts, figures and a body of extensive research. Designed to help data centre owners and operators understand the necessary requirements of each tier, and the factors that govern the different levels of classification.


PUE is Still Relevant – It Just Needs a Consistent Methodology

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The data centre industry understands that PUE is not perfect. However, it does provide a simple and practical matrix for measuring relative efficiency of power use inside the data centre.


Making the most of your UPS battery resource


Batteries are fundamental to the backup resource that a UPS provides, yet they should also be considered as one of its weakest links.


PCL Presents the Best of Both Worlds

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APC Symmetra PX 160kW 400V with Integrated Modular Distribution

Schneider Electric Announces Lithium-ion Battery Options for Its 3-Phase UPS Solutions

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Adding a generator to a UPS to provide seamless, prolonged power protection

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UPSs can always be provided with sufficient battery autonomy to allow a safe system shutdown if the mains power fails. However, battery autonomies are ultimately always finite, therefore batteries alone are insufficient for systems that must remain up and running through power blackouts of extended and unknown duration. In such situations, the batteries must be complemented by a standby generator that can offer power availability for an indefinite period of time.


Giving People Power

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PCL Becomes Value Added Partner

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How modern UPS topology contributes to scalable data centres

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Since the financial crisis, capital for new projects has become much harder to obtain. Businesses are instead starting to use a modular, scalable approach to their data centre requirements; starting from a minimal size and growing incrementally in pace with the demand for capacity.


Achieving Cost-Effective, Scalable UPS Solutions at the Megawatt Level

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How UPS providers can respond to the challenge of increased power demands while maintaining the availability and energy efficiency standards enjoyed by lower power installations.


West Sussex CC cuts its running costs by 75% with latest UPS

Case Study


RBS guarantees 2N+1 resilience for its trading floor with latest UPS technology

Case Study

RBS recently identified a requirement for a new, highly resilient UPS system to support trading operations within a key central London office.


Best-in-class UPS system simplifies installation, maintenance and management for ease of use

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Schneider Electric’s Galaxy 300 Uninterruptible Power Supply Offers Efficiency, Reliable Protection to Small and Medium Organisations

Galaxy VM

Economy Modes For UPS Combine Energy Saving With Fast Response Times

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Using standard double conversion inline UPS systems is standard practice for large mission-critical applications such as data centres, but innovative economy-mode technologies allow savings in energy and improvements in system reliability while guaranteeing backup power in emergencies


Seven Day Lead Time for Galaxy VM UPS

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Schneider Electric introduces EcoBlade, a smart & scalable energy storage system for all customers needs

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EcoBlade unleashes the full potential of renewable energies thanks to Schneider Electric’s unrivaled experience in critical power & energy management.

PCL PR19a Glasgow Super College

A Well Educated Choice for Glasgow City College (UPS)

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Power Control Ltd contracted to supply Glasgow Super College with 10 high efficiency UPS systems.

Dashboard 1 - Main description - Monitor - SMARTset

4energy launch SMARTset: intelligent DCIM software platform

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SMARTset is helping to change the way in which DC managers understand their infrastructure.

Prefabricated vs. Traditional Data Centre Cost Calulator

Free TradeOff Tools to identify key considerations in traditional and prefabricated data centres.

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The tool calculates Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), energy cost, annual carbon emissions and the economiser mode hours for a variety of cooling architectures.

row based

Pue Power Use

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PUE is a useful tool for measuring and monitoring a data centre's efficient use of power but care must be taken when comparing figures across multiple facilities.

PCL PR21a TClarke

City Backed-up by PCL UPS

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PCL deliver UPS within 48 hours of order to TClarke


Guidance On How To Prolong Working Life Of Single-Phase UPS

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Proper maintenance of a UPS system to guarantee its durability is not difficult but requires some simple procedures to be performed regularly.


Right-sizing UPS systems is the right way to achieve efficiency

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The primary function of a UPS system is to guarantee the power supply to its load in the event of a loss or interruption to mains power. All other considerations are secondary.


The Future of Data Centre Power Protection

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PCL’s Powerhouse of Directors

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PCL PR8a Appleby

Successful, Smooth Turnkey UPS Solutions from PCL

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Appleby case study from Power Control Solutions


Riello Reveals Most Advanced Datacentre UPS Product Yet

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Riello UPS launch competition ahead of new product launch

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Datatech UK Ltd new premises launch with Central Finance at Prospect House, Redditch. L-R Marc Banyard, Datatech UK Ltd, Chris Brown, Central Finance and Paul Adams, Datatech UK Ltd.

PCL Delivers Critical Power Protection for Datatech

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Case Study for Power Control Solutions and the supply of two UPS systems into Datatech

PCL PR3a Vision Express

Power Taken Seriously by PCL with UPS

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