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Industrialising the rollout of edge data centres


Flexenclosure Transportation

What we can learn from data centre projects in emerging markets


Containerised data centres


Containerised data centres allow an effective response to today’s dynamic, high volume data processing and communications demands.

Schneider Electric Introduces Uninterruptible Power Supply for Harsh Industrial Environments

Press Release

Schneider Electric Prefabricated and Micro Data Centre Solutions Wins Data Centre Power Product of the Year Award

Press Release

Company’s innovative data centre solutions portfolio is recognized as an industry leader by its peers at the DCS Awards, 2016.

Is a KeyBlock datacenter the key to success? Keystone NAP will find out


An overview and SWOT analysis of a Keyblock data centre

The Cost and Benefit Analysis of Prefabricated vs Traditional Data Centres

White Paper

Prefabricated modular data centres offer many benefits including flexibility, predictability and speed of deployment. Cost can be seen as a barrier, but a systematic comparison provides detailed insights into the variance in capital expenditure between a prefab and a traditional purpose-built data centre.

How modern UPS topology contributes to scalable data centres

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Since the financial crisis, capital for new projects has become much harder to obtain. Businesses are instead starting to use a modular, scalable approach to their data centre requirements; starting from a minimal size and growing incrementally in pace with the demand for capacity.

Achieving Cost-Effective, Scalable UPS Solutions at the Megawatt Level

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How UPS providers can respond to the challenge of increased power demands while maintaining the availability and energy efficiency standards enjoyed by lower power installations.

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