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Huawei’s SEE Becomes International Standard After Approval by ITU

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New Efficiency Standard will spur energy innovation in data centres

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By focussing on the trade offs between mechanical load and electrical losses as a means to ensure energy efficiency, ASHRAE’s new Energy Standard for data centres is paving the way for industry best practices and a standards-based approach to data centre design.

PUE is Still Relevant – It Just Needs a Consistent Methodology

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The data centre industry understands that PUE is not perfect. However, it does provide a simple and practical matrix for measuring relative efficiency of power use inside the data centre.

Intelligent Enclosures and the Physical Infrastructure Solution for Data Centres


SMARTset environmental alarms save data centre from costly set point mistake

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SMARTset plugin architecture

4energy to launch SMARTset: connected energy and environmental software at DCW’16

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4energy will be exhibiting at DCW’16 and will be showcasing SMARTset, the connected energy and environmental software that reduces the energy cost of operating your technical estate.

Cardiff University Completes Energy Efficiency Upgrade High Performance (HPC) Data Centre

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Comtec Enterprises provides Schneider Electric hardware and software data centre solution for major PUE improvements at leading UK University

The Impact of Raising Data Centre Temperatures.

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To optimise energy usage, a holistic approach to temperature management is required taking into consideration all of the various cooling equipment deployed, ambient climate, the size of the load and the operation of the IT equipment itself.

Measurement and management are the tip of the iceberg when maximising data centre efficiency

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IT is a mission-critical element of any modern business, which demands no compromise on availability or performance. It is also essential for any competitive organisation to be efficient within its operation.

Building an efficient data centre

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Energy efficiency has become a key consideration when designing and fitting out a data centre.

Right-sizing UPS systems is the right way to achieve efficiency

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The primary function of a UPS system is to guarantee the power supply to its load in the event of a loss or interruption to mains power. All other considerations are secondary.

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