This page is intended for the many PRs and potential writers who are kind enough to take an interest in The Stack, and wish to place features on the editorial side of the site.

Sending us press releases

If you feel that news from the company or individual/s you represent would be of interest, you can send any news releases either to the editor, Alice MacGregor ([email protected]).

Arranging interviews

Email interviews

We are fortunate enough to be offered chats with some very interesting industry people, and we appreciate that they are willing to take time out of their busy schedules to talk to The Stack. We regularly feature interviews generated over email, and usually we work with the subject to produce an original, bylined piece with their approval. These interviews/articles usually also feature as leaders in our high-volume weekly industry newsletters.

Face-to-face/phone interviews

However, a transcription-based interview represents at least a day’s work for a journalist, and only about twenty minutes for the interviewee. We have to limit the time we spend on ‘live’ interviews. For these practical reasons it is very unlikely that we will be able to accept 99% of the offers that we get to conduct in-person interviews.

Third-party contributions

We are very happy to work with PR agencies and individuals on contributed pieces. However these must be exclusive and original. We are not a repository for syndicating press release material or even small sections of old material.

We conduct many checks to ensure that we are not reposting content available elsewhere online, so if you don’t have the resources to generate an original piece, this might not be the right approach for you.

We have produced some article guidelines which outline The Stack’s requirements for external contributions.


We love to get out and about and mingle with industry people. However we are rarely able to accept the invitations we get to travel abroad, and when we do, we need these trips to be fully financed by the PR agency or individual in question.

In-content advertising

We do not accept in-content advertising offers, ‘paid’ posts which do not identify themselves as advertising, or ‘select’ in-content link placement. If you wish to discuss advertising at The Stack, please contact sales director Mathew Hance ([email protected]).

Guest bloggers

CloserStill Media, which publishes The Stack and Data Centre Management magazine, has a strict policy against unpaid contributions.

However we can consider outside contributions from any party – including bloggers who may have their own websites or products to promote – who would benefit from collateral promotion via original content.

But we must discourage the hordes of people who write to us enthusiastically and clearly have no interest except placing paid links in popular content, however irrelevant the proposed subject or inappropriate the author’s work to date. Submissions of this nature are easy for us to recognise and dismiss. We recognise the templates, and these days we just hit the ‘spam’ button.

Potential guest bloggers should also take a look at the article guidelines before contacting us.

Freelance writers

The Stack’s freelance budget is usually completely accounted for by familiar providers. We are always happy to open a dialogue with interesting new writers, but freelance opportunities with us are very rare at the moment.