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  • japanese-utility-pay-with-bitcoin

    Japanese to pay utility bills using bitcoin

  • GCHQ firewall

    GCHQ planning UK-wide DNS ‘firewall’

  • Inert gas

    Loud noise brings down banking data centre, destroys hardware

  • life-of-brian-blockchain-approval

    How the blockchain could save journalism – for free

  • Facebook disaster recovery

    Facebook disaster-proofs data centres with Project Storm

  • Intel ARM

    Intel to manufacture rival ARM chips in mobile push

  • Malaysia taxis

    Malaysian cabbies plan week-long strike to protest Uber

  • Flip Feng Shui

    Cloud hacking trick allows undetectable changes to VM memory

  • whats-in-the-box-google

    Google study shows unwanted software worse than malware


    ICANN can’t: independent review finds group potentially discriminatory