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  • boradband-uk

    UK government body pushes 10Mbps broadband minimum for the poor

  • NSA

    NSA deputy proposes dedicated U.S. cybersecurity team

  • Snow London

    Met Office accurately predicts winter weather a year in advance

  • personalised-street-advert-2

    Examining Yahoo’s nightmare vision of ‘smart’ billboards

  • google-color-blind

    Google aims to prevent machine learning discrimination (with the possible exception of age)

  • 1nm transistor

    Law-defying transistor smashes industry ‘limit’, measures just 1nm

  • johnson-and-johnson-insulin-pump-hackable

    Johnson & Johnson discloses that its insulin pump is hackable

  • japanese-utility-pay-with-bitcoin

    Japanese to pay utility bills using bitcoin

  • GCHQ firewall

    GCHQ planning UK-wide DNS ‘firewall’

  • Inert gas

    Loud noise brings down banking data centre, destroys hardware