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  • datacenters999

    Improved algorithm produces more efficient traffic management for cloud data

  • apple-icloud-call-logs

    Apple stores iPhone call logs in iCloud despite your settings, security researchers claim

  • fbi-twitter-dataminr

    FBI signs Twitter surveillance contract

  • thomas-jefferson-building-library-of-congress

    The MGT Act: Are we failing to leverage good code?

  • Child building blocks

    Google’s DeepMind AI grasps basic laws of physics


    EU law will require 75,000 data protection officers by 2018

  • IBM Watson robot

    IBM extends Watson capabilities to any connected device

  • School computing

    Teachers ‘unwittingly’ spying on school children with surveillance software

  • myanmar-stock-exchange

    Blockchain to be used on Myanmar stock exchange

  • cloudflare-legal

    Cloudflare can be ordered to disclose ‘science pirates’ website owner details